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How to Help Summer Lawns Thrive

Mow at the right height - Raise mower blade for the summer. This will create a more drought tolerant lawn with deeper roots. 4”- 5” for St. Augustine is a good height.

Water properly – Water at least one inch of water per week.  Adjust amount if temperatures stay above 95 degrees for more than a few days.

Treat for grubs & chinch bugs – Grubs and chinch bugs thrive at higher temperatures as your lawn begins to stress under the heat. The only chance to keep these PESTS under control is treatment by a professional.

Clean up after pets – Pets can damage lawn. Do your best to clean up after them or prevent pets from using the same areas.

Avoid heavy traffic on lawn - Never allow cars to park on the lawn and control the amount of foot traffic you allow.

Sharpen mower blade - A dull blade will damage grass and contribute to other health issues.

Leave some clippings - Lawn clippings can act as a natural fertilizer; however, do not leave excessive amounts of lawn clippings the lawn does need to breathe.

Fertilize - Now is a good time to fertilize before the really hot temperatures set in.


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